Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 3

The wedding ceremony took place in Camden’s outdoor amphitheater which had a wonderful view of the harbor. The weather was perfect, although it did get a little steamy sitting directly in the sun. But during cloud coverage it was perfect.

Bowdoin gals (plus Emily)

The ethnically ambiguous bridesmaid and groomsman pair

Mike arranged “God gave me you” for the Meddies to perform

They wrote their own vows! Here come the tears…

Married! We showered them with bubbles down the aisle. Great top hat!

It took the flower girls a long time to get past the bubbles haha

A Californian, Floridian, and two Alaskans.

The Meddies singing… AGAIN!
Tana’s dream come true
The crowd then dispersed back to Whitehall Inn for some cocktails and appetizers while the bridal party took a cruise on Saphrona’s sailboat. We then sat down to a lovely dinner and then partied away. Unfortunately I did not take pictures, only because I knew the professional photographer would do her job and I wanted to enjoy myself. I sure did! The party ended a little prematurely due to Whitehall rules so the young guests walked across the street to an after party hosted by Mike’s mom. I think she mostly wanted to drink and sing with the Meddies which she definitely did. Kind of hilarious. They kicked us out pretty soon after and we ended up walking downtown with other Bowdoin people. We wandered around forever before finding the rest of the group, my heels were killing me, and we had to keep our eye on a very drunk and rebellious Meddie. After a while Dave Yee drove Carina, Caitlin, and I home. Great to see you Dave Yee!
I woke up exhausted again but enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Caitlin, Dave, and Emily. WHITEHALL PANCAKES ARE DELICIOUS. Just saying. Tana and Mike then made an appearance at the Inn to say goodbye and get everything ready for their honeymoon in Austria.
I remember being driven in Mike’s red mustang for my birthday sophmore year when my amazing roommates took me to a highschool production of High School Musical. Hahaha! Well the ‘stang was put to good use once again to whisk the new couple away.
Congratulations Tana and Mike!
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