Wanderlust and My 2014 Travel Plans

Do you know what happens after living in the United States for 7 months straight?

Restlessness. Wanderlust. Crazy travel plans.

Yup. This is going to be another big year for travel. And you know why? Because why not? And with our impending wedding in April 2015, I am trying to shove as much travel in before life gets in the way. Hopefully our lives will not change too drastically as a married couple, but why not take advantage of the opportunity now?

Here are my tentative travel plans for 2014!

April- China and Thailand


Yes everybody. I am headed back to Shanghai! Peter has been working there for a month now and I have been patiently waiting for him to get a residency permit so I could apply for a visa! Well he still doesn’t have his permit so I applied for my visa this week using our Malaysian friend’s work visa information to apply. This has been a month-long nightmare that for now I must sit and wait out. My plane to Shanghai leaves Friday, April 4th so we shall see if I am on board or not!

chiang mai

We are also taking a weekend trip to Chiang Mai! Peter and I are meeting up with some of our friends from Singapore for the Songkran Festival on April 13-15th. It is their new year celebration also known as a huge water fight with people chucking buckets of water at one another or with water guns. A chance to return to one of my favorite cities in the world for a huge water festival? Count me in!

May- Florida and Maine

In early May, I fly back to Florida for some wedding planning and to get my wedding dress fitted! Peter and I also plan on registering and finalizing major vendors. Oh boy.

For my birthday weekend I am flying up to Maine for a college roomie reunion! I haven’t been back to Maine in probably 4 years (wow). Two of my bridesmaids and I are staying in a cabin on a lake and I am so excited! We also might do some bridesmaid dress shopping. It is going to be marvelous!

Then I am back in Florida for a Memorial Day weekend wedding that Peter is in. My friend and I are singing the song for the bride and groom’s First Dance so I need to start practicing! Yikes.

June- Ireland, London and France

green pastures, county kerry, ireland

Carina and I had so much fun on our Southeast Asia adventure that we are planning another big trip! Our plan is to fly to Dublin and spend time in Ireland (one of my dream locations!), make our way to London to explore the city and surrounding areas, and then fly to Brest, France where her sister is living. We are then going to spend a few days driving around France. No big deal.

Omg!!! So excited! Planning this will definitely take some time but we are up for the challenge.

July- Florida and Utah

park city utah

After Europe, I will return to Florida and finish up more wedding planning and possibly go to Park City, Utah with my family. My parents are renting a place there for a month and there is no reason why I should not go!

August-December- China, New Zealand, Florida and Canada (Hawaii and Italy?)

middle earth


In August, I will head back to Shanghai to be with Peter. We are planning a trip to New Zealand which is at the top of my travel dream list. Peter will be working in Auckland but I hope to explore the surrounding areas. We are going before he meets up with his guy friends for a 2 week bachelor party trip. They will be driving through New Zealand and hitting up the major Lord of the Rings locations. I am very jealous.

For the holidays we will most likely be home in Florida. However, Peter’s parents live in Hawaii and Italy so we might go visit one of them. Also, Peter won a weekend trip to Vancouver so we will either go at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. I have never been to British Columbia and am really excited.

Like I said, 2014 is a big year for travel. 

It is also a big year for wedding planning and preparing for my life together with Peter as man and wife.

It’s going to be a great prelude to an even greater 2015. Let’s do this!

Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 3

The wedding ceremony took place in Camden’s outdoor amphitheater which had a wonderful view of the harbor. The weather was perfect, although it did get a little steamy sitting directly in the sun. But during cloud coverage it was perfect.

Bowdoin gals (plus Emily)

The ethnically ambiguous bridesmaid and groomsman pair

Mike arranged “God gave me you” for the Meddies to perform

They wrote their own vows! Here come the tears…

Married! We showered them with bubbles down the aisle. Great top hat!

It took the flower girls a long time to get past the bubbles haha

A Californian, Floridian, and two Alaskans.

The Meddies singing… AGAIN!
Tana’s dream come true
The crowd then dispersed back to Whitehall Inn for some cocktails and appetizers while the bridal party took a cruise on Saphrona’s sailboat. We then sat down to a lovely dinner and then partied away. Unfortunately I did not take pictures, only because I knew the professional photographer would do her job and I wanted to enjoy myself. I sure did! The party ended a little prematurely due to Whitehall rules so the young guests walked across the street to an after party hosted by Mike’s mom. I think she mostly wanted to drink and sing with the Meddies which she definitely did. Kind of hilarious. They kicked us out pretty soon after and we ended up walking downtown with other Bowdoin people. We wandered around forever before finding the rest of the group, my heels were killing me, and we had to keep our eye on a very drunk and rebellious Meddie. After a while Dave Yee drove Carina, Caitlin, and I home. Great to see you Dave Yee!
I woke up exhausted again but enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Caitlin, Dave, and Emily. WHITEHALL PANCAKES ARE DELICIOUS. Just saying. Tana and Mike then made an appearance at the Inn to say goodbye and get everything ready for their honeymoon in Austria.
I remember being driven in Mike’s red mustang for my birthday sophmore year when my amazing roommates took me to a highschool production of High School Musical. Hahaha! Well the ‘stang was put to good use once again to whisk the new couple away.
Congratulations Tana and Mike!

Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 2

After making the beautiful bouquets we whisked the bride-to-be away to make her even more beautiful than she already is. Carina is a make-up expert so we put her artist skills to work. Although, honestly she didn’t have to do much because Tana is already gorgeous.

The artist’s materials

Cailtin was a lovely spectator

Stunning. Supermodel?

I love the engagement ring. Great job Mike.

Now it’s time for the hair! This was a little more stressful since it took us over schedule. Good thing the lady knew what she was doing.

I told Tana that this is her wedding look. Totally. Cutie. 

Tana ready to take off in her space-ship

Fifties girl

Done and done!

Running late, we rushed home and Tana immediately stepped into her wedding dress while her mom, Anita, carefully laced her up. 

Mike! You’re not supposed to see the bride in her dress yet! Thankfully he was only giving Anita her corsage. Apparently this is tradition? What a handsome groom-to-be.

I have never seen such a beautiful bride. I was especially grateful to be with Tana one-on-one during her hair appointment. It was so special to spend a calm moment alone with Tana Scott, my roomie of 4 years, before she took a leap of faith and love to become Mrs. Tana Krohn. We have been through so much together, and apart, and it was incredible to support her on her special day. I trust Mike with all my heart to take care of her and to love her just like she loves and cares for him. *tear*

The professional photographer took over from here so I quickly got ready and headed over to the ceremony. The ceremony and reception… coming up next!

Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 1

So I need to post Tana wedding pictures BEFORE China pictures. Why? I don’t want to get too far behind on posting and I want to spend ample time recapping my China adventures. Plus, the wedding pictures all came out perfectly with no editing needed. However, my China pictures all require some editing and brightening because there was little natural sunlight and I was using a crappy lens. Hello macro-lens, you are my new fav!

As you probably know already, Tana’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I enjoyed the celebration so much. Since the professional photographer did not arrive till the afternoon of the wedding, I became the unofficial photographer the morning before the ceremony. Yay! It was SO. MUCH. FUN. New profession maybe?

After a wonderful Rehearsal dinner Friday night, Caitlin and I ate some delicious breakfast at Whitehall Inn and headed over to the Scott’s house to help make the bridal bouquets. The flowers came from Anita’s garden and a farm and they were absolutely beautiful. The girls did a great job of assorting the flowers into beautiful bouquets, although it was hard and took a long time!

Tana’s bouquet of course consisted of white flowers with little baby blue flowers interspersed.

Tana and Kristen, the maid of honor and flower arranging superstar

Carina, Bowdoin representative in the bridal party

The bride’s bouquet turned out beautifully, thanks to Kristen! Brides should not be charged with creating their own bouquet, they are so stressed to begin with!

Mother and daughter

The bouquets turned out perfectly with little time to spare. Next up… hair and makeup!