Shameless Plug

If you do not know this already, Bellamafia is coming out with a CD at the end of this semester. It is called “Ransom Notes” and includes repertoire from the last two school years. If you are at Bowdoin, please please please support us and buy a CD! I don’t know how much it will … More Shameless Plug

Lights of Tivoli

Last Friday night I went to Tivoli with the Jeppesen’s and Co. consisting of Lotte, Michael, Bella, Nadja, and the pseudo-children including, me, Christian, Morten, and the little boy next door. Tivoli is located in the center of Copenhagen and is an awesome mix of a fair and Disney World. Walt Disney was actually inspired … More Lights of Tivoli

First Class Experience

From first class seating to first class adventure! The tracks from Salzburg to Prague were temporarily closed, meaning the first-class tickets Mom booked for the 6 hour ride meant nothing. Instead we had to take a train to Linz, bus to Budjevice, and train again to Prague. First, we boarded a decrepit, un-air conditioned compartment … More First Class Experience

Salzburg… my feet are sore but my heart is soaring

Salzburg The highlight of the trip. I have to commemorate Salzburg with excerpts from my journal. It was a magical city that hit me with inspiration. Spring has sprung. The sun is out and the sky is blue. “Salzburg continues to amaze and amuse me. The weather has blessed us with warmth and alpine beauty. … More Salzburg… my feet are sore but my heart is soaring