Day 49: Long story short

Long day. Just got home and it is past midnight. Does this still count as Day 49? I say it counts until I go to sleep. I like longer days :-).

My long day story short (?)…..

1. Spin class=sleepy

2. Wedding shower=tasty

3. Drive to Gainesville=boring

4. Shopping at mall=expensive but so so cute

5. Morgan’s performance in Carmina Burana= awesome

6. Drive home=groovy (70s dance party oh yeah)

7. Blogging=sleepy

More on the Carmina Burana performance tomorrow. My sister was a nun. I was so proud.

Also, my air conditioner is making groaning sounds and keeps turning on and off and on…. I think it might have caused the intense power outage in my neighborhood last night. At 3am I awoke to a flash of light and then silence. Whoops.

Shake your groove thang. Show ’em how to do it now. 

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