War Photography: Questions and Comments

Peter Turnley’s “The Unseen Gulf War”: http://www.digitaljournalist.org/issue0212/pt_intro.html When I was browsing through various photographers in search of a Gleaning topic, I randomly clicked on Peter Turnley’s general site. Browsing through his work, I was struck by his open and often dramatacized portrayal of people in many different contexts and emotional states. Intrigued, I googled his … More War Photography: Questions and Comments

Photography as a Weapon? Issues of photojournalism

Errol Morris’ article raises several questions on the ideology around photography and the moral and ethical issues within this ideology. What we believe to be false depends on what we believe to be true. According to Hany Fanid, a photograph supplies visual information that the human brain processes differently than textual information. Because of this, … More Photography as a Weapon? Issues of photojournalism