Top 10 Photos of Ireland and Final Days

My last day in Ireland was spent walking the trails of Druid’s Glen while my parents played one final round of golf. The trail had its moments of beautiful isolation and I found myself memorizing the feel of crunching through wild green landscapes and hidden streams. I was already missing Ireland and we hadn’t even left.

We drove into Kilcoole for a quick lunch at a pub before heading back to Dublin for one final night of fun. Desperate to show my family the lively Dublin bar and music scene, I dragged my dad to a pub in Temple Bar where we stayed put for several hours eating burgers, drinking Guinness, and enjoying live music while it rained outside. There was even a group of Irish dancers who attracted a group of ex-Irish dancers for a little dance-off. Only in Ireland. And in real family fashion, my dad pulled me up for a photo with the musicians at the end of their set. Because we are tourists and all that.

We ended the night in the actual Temple Bar which was packed to the brim with people drinking and singing along to the fabulous band. You can’t really go wrong with U2 songs in the tourist section of Ireland. It was a fun final night and we woke up the next day exceptionally early for our flight home. Don’t make me leave again!


It is difficult to say what it is exactly about Ireland that makes me want to set up camp and stay forever. But I know that one reason is the incredible culture of music that the Irish celebrate every day. It is a similar culture of music I found and loved in Memphis. Also, the rolling green hills of Tennessee seem to reflect the landscape of Ireland and I miss both places with all my heart and soul. I am determined to visit both places again and again to reclaim the pieces of my heart embedded in the hills and the sweet songs of longing.

In honor of the end of this chapter, here is a recap of my favorite detail and landscape shots from this Ireland adventure. Enjoy looking through the window of my soul.

Ireland Day 10: Glendalough


Ireland Day 9: Mount Juliet Estate: A little slice of heaven in the Irish countryside


Ireland Day 8: Down to Southeast Ireland: Kilkenny 


Ireland Day 7: Lazy Afternoons at the Guinness Storehouse


Ireland Day 6: Adare and Limerick, featuring cold and damp Irish castles 


Ireland Day 5: Dunguaire Castle, Aillwee Cave and wild walks at the Cliffs of Moher


Ireland Day 4: The Enchanted Forest and Castle of Cong


Ireland Day 3: Biking the Aran Islands… Again! 


Ireland Day 2: Connemara: Bogs, Fjords and Kylemore Abbey


Ireland Day 1: Back in Ireland… Hurling and History in Galway



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