A view from below

As the weather gets cooler and I ditch my flip flops for furry boots, Cape Codders make a similar switch to warmer things from surfing the waves to surfing the sky. These fearless flyers take off with grace from the sandy cliff and begin a dicey tango with the ropes that attach them to the … More A view from below

Treated like a VIP

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be part of the VIP field trip to Sandwich, MA. As a VIP, or volunteer in park, with Cape Cod National Seashore I boarded a bus with other park volunteers, first stopping at Heritage Gardens. While most of the women went on the garden tour, I excitedly joined … More Treated like a VIP

Great Island

Today, Gemma and I hiked the Great Island trail in the Cape Cod National Seashore. We walked through deep sand, saw amazing sights, and stumbled upon many interesting animal remains! Total, we walked about 4 or 5 miles and had a blast, fortunately making it back before the tide came in. Tiring but so much … More Great Island