Day 289: Bring It Back

Tuesday, October 16th China has some interesting architecture. Of course Shanghai has its share of ritzy modern architecture with plenty of bright lights. But then there are the older concrete buildings that can be either depressing or surprisingly beautiful. This my favorite stretch of apartment buildings in Shanghai. They are old, pink, and textured. Love … More Day 289: Bring It Back

Day 276: The Heart of Tokyo

Tokyo. The city comes alive at night. Roads and highways intersect the city like veins and arteries, pulsing with the rhythm of 9 million people on the move. They are the heart and soul of this glowing metropolis, acting as a single organism. They are the light.

Day 264: 5 Ways to Detoxify Your City Lifestyle

The best thing about Shanghai? The lights at night. Random buildings and apartment complexes are lit up with colored lights every night just because. Thursday night we saw this massive ferris wheel lit up magnificently. I don’t even think the ferris wheel is running. But it is sure is pretty. As much as I love … More Day 264: 5 Ways to Detoxify Your City Lifestyle