Best Photos of 2014

Here it is. My favorite photos from 2014! (And last year: Best Photos of 2013) Here are 30 of my favorite photos that I took all around the world. They include some of my favorite locations in Ireland, London, China, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, France and Florida! A lot are from Ireland, my favorite of … More Best Photos of 2014

Cruising… to Fukuoka, Japan and the Kushida Shrine

After an awesome day in South Korea, I was excited to return to Japan, a country that I absolutely loved when I visited 2 years ago. Japan is surprisingly clean and compact, basically the complete opposite of China. I was once again fascinated by this contrast during our short time in Fukuoka, the capital city of Japan’s … More Cruising… to Fukuoka, Japan and the Kushida Shrine

Day 280: Japanese Lanterns

Hososhima, Japan As the sun sets on the rocky coast, electric lights hearkening back to the traditional Japanese lanterns of the past light up against the darkening sky. They are a beacon in the night and a welcome sight to spirits dwelling in nearby shrines.

Japan Cruise Part 4: Imperial Palace and Asakusa Kannon Temple

Check out Japan Cruise Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 Thursday We ended sleeping very little and waking up ridiculously early for our final excursion into Tokyo. I was especially grumpy but brightened up a little with a lovely rainbow over Yokohama. However, both Peter and I were set to have a rough day, … More Japan Cruise Part 4: Imperial Palace and Asakusa Kannon Temple

Day 279: The Gateway

Hososhima, Japan Deep in a cave off the coast of Japan, a small shrine awaits those travelers who dare enter between rising tides. A Torii glows red in the dwindling sunlight, marking the gateway from the profane to the sacred. Venturing deeper towards the shrine, the cave swallows you whole in a cocoon of cool … More Day 279: The Gateway