Expat Confessions: Dealing with Social Anxiety and Depression

It has been years since I updated this blog. Why? Because once I got married, moved home and had children I stopped traveling. That chapter of my life ended I was glad. I closed the chapter, sealed the book and buried it deep in my heart. I was ready to live in America again, start … More Expat Confessions: Dealing with Social Anxiety and Depression

2016: A Year in Review

2016 was yet another crazy and unpredictable year that became the year of domestic travel. That is huge! My life of international travel has slowed down to almost nothing but to be honest, I am grateful. Grateful to live close to my family, thankful to explore parts of the US I have never explored before (hello Tennessee!), … More 2016: A Year in Review

Spreading the Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! In honor of this Hallmark holiday, I am spreading some link love! Hannah at Eat, Drink, and Save Money recently nominated me for the Liebster Award. Lindsay at Lindsay’s List also nominated me for this award in October but I was fairly new to the blogging community and wasn’t sure who to honor. … More Spreading the Love