Leg Shredding Workout

Remember that leg workout I did Sunday? Well I’m still sore, especially the back of my legs, which is great. Taking two spin classes a week with regular sneakers means my quads are nice and strong. However my glutes and hamstring are a bit weaker in comparison. I can already tell it’s causing some imbalances … More Leg Shredding Workout

Personal Training Update

Before I get started, please check out a great workout at Lindsay’s List featuring resistance bands! You can see my Tricep Extension move on my Personal Training page with my other Tuesday Trainer submissions. If you do the workout (Carina and Lakshmi I’m looking at you) let me know! And Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much. I … More Personal Training Update

Tuesday Trainer

Oh jeez I am exhausted today. Went to bed late, slept horribly with my brain on high gear, and was stuck with the pooch Holly sleeping next to my face. I think Holly is having some tummy troubles because I heard her stomach freaking out ALL NIGHT. That in addition to her snoring makes her … More Tuesday Trainer