As soon as the trees begin to bloom around St. Petersburg, I know that Spring is here. Spring brings bright blue skies and plants in bloom of pink, orange and red peeking out of the saturated green landscape. Pollen coats the surface of everything like yellow dust, making people sneeze in bursts until days … More Springtime

I Am Thankful

It has been a busy couple of months!┬áLet’s catch up shall we? January Peter was in China for most of the month so I had time to focus on my work and my health. I took Orange Theory and Yoga classes more regularly and started seeing a Chiropractor for my foot injury. Shout out to … More I Am Thankful

Just an Observation: Why is my front door stuck…again?

This is the first post in a new Kirsten Captures series called “Just an Observation”. Every day I will attempt to post a photo and quick thought or observation from the day. This is a sincere effort to become more involved in my life here in Penang. But as you will see from today’s observation … More Just an Observation: Why is my front door stuck…again?


Bad news. I broke my laptop. Well that is an exaggeration. My lovely little Macbook Pro is not physically broken, it just gets stuck on the loading page. And it refuses to actually load. It started this weekend after my poor (stupid) attempt to create more space on my startup disk by deleting files. Well … More Broken

Day 207: Freckles

So many thoughts running through my head. Projects to finish, people to email, plane tickets to buy… Oh wait. I just bought my plane ticket. To China. Check! Since I have a splitting headache here are some photos from Thursday:   It was a lovely day. The sun was out and I added some freckles … More Day 207: Freckles