What makes a good photograph?

Well it depends.

Different people are drawn to different image because people have their own visual as well as personal agenda. Yes, of course a sunset is beautiful. It is a gorgeous event of nature where various elements combine to create a varied and vibrant palette of color. Anybody can take a picture of a sunset. But just because the subject is good, even beautiful and colorful by it’s own right, does that make a photograph of it good? Of course not. A good photograph is individually determined and should be stimulating in some way to the viewer. A good photographer is able to capture the world in that stimulating way.

Personally, I am drawn to multi-dimensionality, that might not be obvious but can be assumed. I am particularly entranced by shadows, that an object/person/thing/animal/whatever it is can be projected in a uni-dimensional form onto another surface, hinting at its existence but not actually visible. It’s amazing how a photograph, considered visual proof, can show merely forms or ideas of an object while denying the viewer the substance of that form.

So it is relevant to ask, using pictures I have taken of sunsets, are these good photographs?

Well, it depends.

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