thoughts on final landscape

This project was an extremely fun and rewarding photographic excursion that also culminated in a satisfying mastery of photoshop dodging techniques. I was really bummed about not being able to make it to Kent Island. Seeing the photographs of my classmates from that weekend only increased my regret for opting out of an incredible experience. However, being stuck on campus proved inspirational after all as I sought a different approach to the Bowdoin landscape in which I am constantly immersed. Ultimately I looked up, beyond the glorious fall foliage, to the sky.

Initially, I aimed to photograph two-thirds sky and one-third the buildings, trees, etc. Eventually, I was drawn towards things that frame the sky, such as my diptych of the building and the photograph with hints of three trees. I was also drawn to things that punctuate the sky like the airplane and tree branch. It’s these objects that give the sky as a negative space a sense of depth and scale that might be lost in its even palate of color. Framing is evident and important in each photograph, even in the airplane photograph with its lack of material frame, for the sky itself frames through issues with my camera lens that darkens the edges.

While it was not my intention, I love how my sense of dry, unexpected humor came throug in my choice of photographs, especially in photograph of the airplane. I strongly support playfulness, irony, and humor in photography, which can sometimes be approached too seriously for its own good. For me and for others, the photograph of the clouds and tree branch stands out from the rest of the collection. The branch is sillouetted and dominates the frame instead of the sky. The sky is cloudy, tumultuous, and textured, as opposed to blue, serene, and even. Instead, I should have printed another photograph of a lighted structure framing blue sky. While the diptych is interesting, the use of just one of the pictures would have better enhanced my theme of framing to enhance depth and transform negative space into positive space.

The editing process in photoshop was successful in simultaneously lightening and deeping colors while creating a more even tone throughout each photograph. The smooth transition between the diptych exemplifies this success. Beautiful prints if I may say so myself. So I will. From this project I take away new photoshop skills, an appreciation for humor, as well appreciation of the sky as a positive and negative space worthy of photographic attention.

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