One thought on “Portrait Project

  1. Nice choice for a unifying theme. I like the choice to keep the portrait of this person never show his entire face. Stops the conventional notion of what a portrait is which I like. The images chosen are all very strong however I think that the one with the leaf on the face is one of the weakest. it just seems to “set up” to me in some ways, I just personally can’t get into that one as much, an the one where he is looking out onto the water is a very beautiful photo, but in some ways I feel I’ve seen it before. The other three I thought were fantastic.The one on the couch really used the space well and the coloring of the shirt and the lines into the couch really worked for me and helped the flow of the image. The thing I liked most about the piano one was more the background then the person himself, although seeing his face peek above it was nice as well. But I do think that the bike one is my favorite. His head is chopped off cleanly on both his body and the shadow, that just seems amazing to me. I love the capture of motion as well. Just all around amazing composition in that image.

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