Week One Summary

Yes I am actually in Copenhagen! 
As you can see below, I finally took some pictures and successfully posted them to this blog. YAY! Today DIS took us to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, a town north of Copenhagen. The castle is now a museum but used to be the palace and home of the Danish Royalty. Figures. But it had a moat! OK the palace itself is actually built on three islands but the water functions like a moat. Exciting. The rooms were so elaborate and ornate and teeming with Danish history. In the chapel some Danish kids were singing gospel songs in English with a hilarious accent. I wanted to join. Overall, it was a lovely trip despite the foggy and extremely chilly weather that unfortunately permeated the entire castle. But yay pictures!

This week has been very long and very jammed packed with activities. I was glad to just relax today and Saturday. On Wednesday between Survival Danish and program orientation, Tom and I found this fantastic cafe called Robert’s cafe by DIS that had the most delicious latte I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of lattes in my lifetime. Here’s a picture!

Tom and I realized that while we may have 5 or 6 classes, the work is relatively easy. It’s about one quarter of the reading I would usually have at Bowdoin. However, I do have several projects and papers due but also a couple of field trips to museums and such that even include dinner at our professor’s houses! Class started Thursday and all my classes seem really interesting and I get to travel to really amazing places, especially Prague March 23rd!

Here’s a list of my classes:

1. Memory & Identity-Prague (Thrs 8:30-9:50)
2. Gender Body and Sexuality in Scandinavia (Mon,Thrs 10:05-11:25)
3. Muslims in the West (Tue,Fri 10:05-11:25)
4. Contemporary European Film (Tue,Fri 11:40-1)
5. Nordic Mythology (Tue,Fri 1:15-2:35)
6. Lost In Translation (Thrs 11:40-2:35)

In general, I have class from 10-2:30 every day and have Wednesdays off for my short trips with my classes. I have film showings Monday nights and International Club every once in a while for some good food and movies. I might get involved with a community choir that rehearses once a week, which would be so fun and I could meet some Danes. My Lost in Translation class is also part of the University of Copenhagen (KU) and our Danish classmates throw some gatherings and invite us to KU events at the Studenterhuset such as International Night every Wednesday and Super Bowl Night next Sunday. Go Tampa!

For now I’m getting my minuscule amount of work done and hanging out with my host family. It’s great to be able to chill with them instead of being a typical American student in Europe like the other DIS kids and going out to bars every single night of the week and disrupting class and talking about how drunk they were and where they can go to get the most alcohol for their buck on a Sunday night. SO OVER IT. I can understand why foreigners hate Americans. We are obnoxious. I did go out to Luux club Friday night for the DIS welcome party and had a deliciously free Karlsberg beer but went home early. So far I am not impressed with the nightlife. It’s not my thing. I can see myself going to a bar maybe once a week and having a beer and then going home. It’s cheap and fun. I’m not lame, just sensible haha.

aaaaaanddddd ALEXI IS VISITING COPENHAGEN IN 6 WEEKS!!!! I am so incredibly excited! Thank you Alex, I am so grateful to you. Tak! I did not expect this to happen at all. What an amazing turn of events. Speechless… and happy :).

Hej hej!

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