Quick Update from the depths of writer’s block

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So I have two more weeks left in Denmark. I am currently working on 2 and half papers due by Tuesday. GAHHH. I am abroad, I should not be working this hard. Last Friday the 1st of May was May Day and also International Workers Day in Denmark. Most Danes had work and school off and celebrated the beautiful, sunny day in several parks. It was almost like the Ivies of Copenhagen. Lots of beer and people covering every inch of green space in the city, with some live music and political speeches coloring the day. However, I was unable to participate in this wonderful day. No, instead I was stuck inside DIS finishing up one my papers, comparing the linguistic situation in Czechoslovakia in France. Good news, I finished that paper. Bad news, 3 more to go. I even opted out of the Bornholm bike trip I signed up for at the beginning of the year because of these papers. It is a little frustrating but it will all be over soon. Somehow..

With all this work it is hard really understand what little time I have left here. I do not want to spend my last moments working so hard on something that doesn’t even count towards my transcript. I want to bbq and sit around bonfires, sharing stories and jokes with my host family. I want to bike into the city on a sunny morning and photograph the endless flowers and fruit-stands dotting the streets. I want to meet my friends for a cup of joe at The Living Room, buy some pastries at St Peters Bakery and eat on the Gammeltorv fountain. I want to enjoy Denmark! Enjoy life!

So without further ado, it is crunch time. Hopefully I will emerge from this dark, dark time into the light of spring in Denmark. A light that never really fades. And I never want it to.

p.s. Happy One Year Anniversary Alexi! One whole year ago we met for coffee and coincidentally found each other again at the outdoor concert. Next day was Gala and we’ve been together ever since. What a year! So much love ❤

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