last days… Danish spring

So my last week in Copenhagen could not have been more perfect.
The sun was out and so were the bikers (including me!).
Yes it is true, I took to the streets on my trustworthy yellow bike, wary of uphill battles and fearless Danish bikers. It takes about 40 minutes to ride into the city but is so incredibly worth it and about the same time as taking the train. Biking is great exercise and relatively easy because of the bike lanes, signals, and amount of bikers constantly on the road. It is also a great way to get outside and see the outskirts of the city that I would have probably never seen or known about taking the train. You also get to experience something very Danish, since so many people bike and bikers are respected (and feared) just like drivers of cars. The only problem I ever experienced was either wearing improper clothing that made me sweat or shiver, taking off too late so I arrived breathless and sweaty in class, or my very first ride when I got confused in an intersection and ran into another biker. Let’s just say I got death stares. But other than those few incidents, I love biking in the city and would recommend it to anyone in Copenhagen. Also, why isn’t America as bikable! In Florida if I tried to bike anywhere for transportation instead of exercise I would have to bike for about 2 hours to go anywhere substantial and probably get hit by a car. Good fun! Well, biking in Copenhagen is an experience I will surely miss.

Here are some photos from my excursion with Jackie to the Botanical Gardens and my stroll down Stroget on a mission to find gifts for the Jeppesens.

More on my last days to come. I am still getting over jet-lag and culture shock. Welcome to America!

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