(1) For my project, I would like to focus on the abstraction of the world by emphasizing specific and small moments. I often notice the small details of the world that together create what we see everyday. I would like to explore the form, texture, and complexity of the world that is usually unnoticed or ignored. I feel that many people only see the world in a big picture. I would like to challenge that by making a small and inconsequential piece of space to be the big picture. I do not think context is necessarily important for understanding these small moments but could be explored in some way. My project will explore the world in abstraction in an attempt to re-create the world as we usually see it. I will also explore how scale, color, and space can create images that are absurd and humorous. I want to bring out the details and fun all around that I see everyday.

(2) Lee Frielander’s work created an interest in everyday humor and finding complex shapes, form, and structures in everyday situations. His work challenged me to use photography to emphasize what I see and feel in any normal circumstance. Uta Barth also sparked my interest in using the camera as a tool of abstraction to create a new reality. By taking pictures out of focus and emphasizing small objects at the edges Barth is able to manipulate the world to make something new and formally interesting which I would definitely like to explore. Tim Davis similarly renewed my interest in bold colors, patterns, and humor. He puts a twist on the world through his camera and reinvents the ordinary to create something extraordinary and new. Both Barth and Davis inspired me to go out and create something new and interesting with the world i have in front of me, either by abstracting through camera tricks and such or focusing on small pieces that are removed from its context. Ultimately, I want my photography to recreate reality and bring out my sense of humor and attention to details.

(3) I plan on using a 35 mm camera to take color film. I will develop the film at Rite Aid most likely and scan the color negatives into the computer. I will then print digitally. I would like to create huge prints that emphasize the absurdity of the details that are blown larger than life. I might create different series of images that would be displayed together and grouped based on form, color, and such instead of context. Through this I could completely remove the context from the images, forcing the viewers to pay attention to the things I see like form, shapes, scales, and detail. I’d also might like to explore black and white film, digitally scanning the negatives to create prints. I’ve been considering juxtaposing a color print with a black and white print in a diptych but I will see if that adheres to my interests stated above.

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