No, not the kind created by reflected images on glass and such but mindful reflections on the development of my project over the semester.

When I first started my project I had some very directed ideas about my project but was unsure of how to approach these ideas. I wanted to photograph the world to the point of abstraction, drawing attention to formal connections between different images and ultimately creating a new context. I have always photographed small pieces of things, playing with depth and space. So I decided to facilitate abstraction for my project. However, my first collection for critique was boring and completely removed from my intentions. I created images of intersecting lines that were abstract only in the sense of being shadows.

For the next critique I pushed myself, going beyond my usual color palette by taking a bold approach to color and creating a series of orange images. This sparked a whole new appreciation of color that really excited me. From this critique on I have been playing with color in such a way that draws attention to the color of the images instead of the content of the images themselves. For the third critique I focused on yellow as a series but failed in that more directed approach. While I created some spectacular images, I tried too hard to make formal connections between the images. As a result, my triptychs were easy to understand and a little boring.
Now I want to continue to play with color but instead challenge the viewer to make their own formal connections between images, whether it be through depth, space, or color contrast. At this point I have found color as my means of abstraction and am excited to challenge the viewer and myself. I want to play with printing different sized images, in order to pack all of my images into many different small punches that emphasize their individuality as well as their combination as groups. I want to continue to play with depth of field and space by taking non-close up shots. I want to see if I can evoke ideas of color within a larger frame of reference. I also like the idea of pairing abstract and non-abstract images together and seeing how else I can create color through different camera techniques.

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