Tahoe trips and tips

What is there to do in Tahoe in the summer but hike! We took the 2.5 mile trail to Lake Shirley at Squaw, fording rivers, scaling rocks, and fending off hungry chipmunks along the way. Our other excursions included mountain biking and picking up weary backpackers, but Lake Shirley was, alas, the only documented event. Enjoy the scenery, just like we did.

Tips for a successful hike:
1. Bring plenty of water, you never know when that 2.5 mile hike will become an uphill battle for your life
2. Wear sunscreen, your face is the color of a tomato not only because you’re climbing uphill, but also because you are closer to dangerous rays at this altitude.
3. Be courteous towards other hikers. They are just as tired and annoyed to still be hiking this trail as you.
4. Take proper cover when relieving yourself in the woods. It is uncomfortable for everyone when that famlily of four sauntering down the once deserted path gets an unobstructed view of your backside, or whatever side might be displayed. I’m just saying.
5. Clifbars. Bring them. Eat them. YUM.
6. Always pack a map. Good to bring when your friend in the lead is positive they know the way altough they are famously known for getting lost walking down the street.
6. Have fun! Everybody should be a happy camper 🙂

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