Cape Cod: Home Sweet Home.. for now

Job update!! I have an internship this fall. An expense paid internship with SCA, the Student Conservation Association, working as a museum intern at the Cape Cod National Seashore! SCA puts people in National Parks across the country and they pay for travel, food, and housing. It is awesome so far; I live on the beach, in a wonderful but often buggy home, working full-time and exploring the area. I have been hiking, biking, and walking on the beach and I still have so many places to go! Today I biked down the Rail Trail to Coast Guard Beach, a 3 hour round trip, passing historically significant places along the way. There is so much history on the Cape and I am excited that it is my job to become acquainted with it all!!

I will be here until Thanksgiving and I HAVE NO INTERNET. So be patient with my sporadic postings and get ready for a deluge of photography from yours truly. In the interim, please enjoy a short essay I composed in honor of my work with SCA. Cheers!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010:

Sitting on the porch as the storm clouds bring in a deliciously cool breeze, I gaze at the ocean peeking through the shrubbery. Armed with my SCA gear, Camelbak mug and Underarmour shirt, I am ready to save the environment one national park at a time. I am warrior woman, waving my college degree, living and eating for free, battling spiders above my bed with brooms and Tupperware. “Conservation Begins Here” is my mantra as I meticulously decide what to pack for lunch and how far to run down the beach. Rising for work at first light, I salute the goddess and strike my warrior poses, preparing my body for the rigors of the day. I am warrior woman for SCA.. HEAR ME ROAR as I speed down paved roads in a shiny car prepared for anything that comes my way. An evaluation of modern Cape homes? I am there. Photoshopping historic photographs? Count me in. Reading on archaeology of the Middle Woodland Period? No problem. I will take it all in stride and do a good job. I am Kirsten and I am interning with the National Park Service. Here’s to saving the world.

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