Life’s a Beach

What is there to do on weekends in Cape Cod? Go to the beach of course!

After a wonderful morning jog to the French bakery down the road, I walked down to White Crest Beach, armed with my flip-flops, beach chair, and books. Although the sun was out, it was chilly! The Atlantic bombarded me with a constant current of cool air and made me reach for a sweatshirt. However, the surfers (and seals) were out in full force. It was funny, sometimes seals would bob up right next to the surfers, curious as to how these creatures ride on top of the waves. The surfers even look like seals, in their sleek black wetsuits, furiously paddling against the current. It was really a sight to see.
You may ask… did I go in the water? No way!! I’d rather enjoy the surf from the shore thank you very much.

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