A view from below

As the weather gets cooler and I ditch my flip flops for furry boots, Cape Codders make a similar switch to warmer things from surfing the waves to surfing the sky. These fearless flyers take off with grace from the sandy cliff and begin a dicey tango with the ropes that attach them to the fickle breeze. With a slight push, they launch themselves off White Crest Beach and join the colorful flock.

Walking the uneven beach, I am jealous of these para-gliders as they dangle with ease like ornaments from a tree. If only I had the guts to fling myself off a cliff with a flimsy parachute that has a mind of its own. Then I could cruise the beach with the birds instead of tromping through wet sand. But just thinking about it gives me cold feet. Oh wait, that’s just the surf spilling into my shoes.

I’ll take the view from below, thank you very much.

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