My life insta(gram)ntly

Ok so the blog title is not as cool as I thought it was when it happened in my brain. What do you do when cleverness fails? You roll with the punches, and get hit in the face. Ouch.

My blogging has been sporadic and relatively lame-o so here is a sample of my life these past couple of weeks in Instagram fashion. You can also follow me on Twitter (although I don’t know why you would want to..) @kirstenchimy. Basically you will find postings of these same Instagram photos as well as tweets regarding my complete lack of Twitter understanding. Way fun!

Without further ado…

I got a new necklace. I have been wanting more turquoise jewelry in my life because the color is so pretty and a great accent to most outfits.
This necklace is from Stella and Dot, so check them out!

It’s been raining here. A lot. Last week was thunderstorm after thunderstorm. Let’s just say that most of my time has been spent inside. This means I go to the gym, take yoga classes, bake, and read forgettable things online.

I took this picture for an Instagram “abstract” challenge. I finally had one person comment on my post. Success.

This stormy weather has meant that every evening we have a magnificent sunset with beautiful, saturated, and magical colors. Sigh. The yellow car makes this picture.

My lounging/laziness location of choice in my house is my bedroom floor. Even though the carpet is dreadfully bumpy and uncomfortable, laziness prevails. At least my photographic eye can capture interesting shadows no matter the location.

While on my way to the gym for some normal lifting, I happened upon somebody’s Porsche scooter. Porsche makes scooters?? Why?? I know why, because they are beautiful and awesome. And come with leather bags on the back.

After my workout with Vito last Thursday I waited for my mom at Starbucks while it poured. But this did not faze me as I happily sipped my iced latte. YUM.

I don’t know why I took this picture. It is pointless. Look how shapely…. and orange?… my calf is. Thank you Instagram filter.

Sunday night I was faced with a great dilemma. 3 overripe bananas. What’s a girl to do?

Oh my, I am a genius. You can see I couldn’t contain myself and ate one straight out of the oven.

Nice and hot, that’s how I roll.

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