Sunday lovely Sunday

Here are my Instagram pictures from today. And now I am off to volunteer at the Dali Museum for another 3 hours. So far I love the people and the opportunity to be part of a museum again. Oh and guess what? I am joining a choir directed at my old middle school by my middle school choir teacher! I am SO EXCITED. He got me interested in singing in a group and the rest is history. He was charmed to hear that I rose to the ranks of singing college a cappella and singing in a band mostly because of his passion and excitement in our class. Thank you! I look forward to our first rehearsal tomorrow!

Sunday lovely Sunday…

This osprey was watching me play soccer in my yard for 2 hours

Tiled patterns on our stone furniture.

Playing soccer in sunny grass. There is nothing better.

Stone benches have so much character.

And I’m off! East coast, you are in my thoughts. Please be safe and don’t test the force of a hurricane! Stay inside and build a raft. Just kidding! It will pass before you know it.

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