Falling for Florida

Fall has finally arrived in Florida! This past week the temperature dropped to the 70s during the day and into the 50s at night. I am sooo happy. Already I’m wearing my sweaters and boots and singing Christmas carols in chorus. Too early?

I even got into the Halloween spirit this weekend! I was invited to a Halloween party with costume, food, beverages, and pumpkin carving. Usually I never dress up for Halloween. It seems like a waste of time, especially once you’re too old to actually trick-or-treat (sad face). But an hour before the party, I struck gold.

While browsing through Taylor’s closet, I spotted a red trench coat. Immediately, I thought of “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego”? Random right? Excited, I went online to jog my memory with what she wears. I put on a black shirt, black pants, black boots, and gloves and slid into the trench coat. For the final touch, I donned my grey fedora, tilting it to a mysterious angle. Tada! A blonde Carmen SanDiego! Awesome last minute costume! I was proud myself.

And now some pictures from my festive fall weekend:

My masterpiece. Hopefully you can see the bat. I was trying to create a Batman signal. He hasn’t come yet. Boo. Below are the pumpkins carved by the rest of the crowd at the party. Madeline and Emery carved an awesome Bucs flag!

Fall in Florida brings out the most beautiful colors.

Friday night, the MFA threw a great event called ‘Art on Tap’ with local craft beers and tasty food. The event moved to the Vinoy for desserts and more drinks . I snuck into the ballroom to check out the new Chihuly chandelier.

Sunday, I dragged my mom to fall fair at our church. It was super quaint and small and we ended up just walking around, avoiding the masses of children running around. Of course I took pictures because I love photographing fairs.

After the fair, we had dinner outside at the Vinoy. Such a beautiful night. The weekend flew by much too quickly!

This weekend I am going to a Josh Groban concert and hopefully doing some Halloween stuff with Carina! My last Josh Groban concert was the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life. He is incredible live and a phenomenal singer. I swoon. And don’t worry, Carmen SanDiego will make another appearance. But where in the world? We will have to see….


Today’s Tuesday Trainer is Yoga! Head on over to Lindsay’s List for some relaxation. “Om”ing is optional.


5 thoughts on “Falling for Florida

    1. Thanks! I’m actually surprised they turned out so well. Too bad I didn’t take the seeds home to roast :-(.
      You should definitely visit Florida! Winter is the best season. No joke.

  1. lOve the photo of the ferris wheel. & where is the photo of miss carmen san diego?! omg, I used to love that show. BRILLIANT last minute costume idea — brilliant even if it hadn’t been last minute. Very clever, girl.

      1. We didn’t take any pictures our entire weekend. What is wrong with us!? I guess my Mary Poppins look will now live only in your memory. . .

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