Thursday Throw Back and Forward

Is it Monday yet??

Sounds weird but I have been so busy since last week and will continue to be busy through this weekend too. Ok so it hasn’t been difficult work related business but a series of different events, classes, and friends in town that is fun but exhausting.

Let me give a little recap.

1. Josh Groban concert. Alright this wasn’t last week, it was actually two weeks ago, but I never talked about it and want to right now. I AM IN LOVE. With Josh Groban’s voice that is. Ok his curls and wacky sense of humor are pretty adorable too. But he has the most pure, beautiful tenor voice that brings tears to your eyes. Literally, I was crying with happiness. It’s amazing how music can move you like that. What makes Josh Groban so incredible is that he is even better live. And he sang a sweet duet with a fan just because he is nice. Awww! Sing with me!

2. Halloween. I talked about my Halloween two posts ago. Carina and I never took pictures of our Carmen SanDiego and Mary Poppins. We suck. But looked awesome. I promise. Sad part is I never took out or lit my two carved pumpkins during Halloween. We didn’t turn on our lights either. No kids came to our house. More candy for me!

3. Business Luncheon. So usually I don’t mention this kind of stuff but I went to a great networking event and listened to former St. Pete mayor Rick Baker speak. He sat at our table and we had great conversation about his plans for USF and bringing business to St. Pete. He is truly inspiring. But the reason I bring this lunch up is because I wore an awesome outfit from my new wardrobe. Yes, I bought a whole new set of clothes that I am psyched about. Unfortunately my bank account is not so psyched. But we need clothes right? My college roommates would disagree (don’t ask).

Oh and I wore shoes. But not the boat shoes.

4. UF Homecoming. Onto the real craziness. Last Friday my parents and I drove up to Gainesville to visit Morgan during UF Homecoming. The trip started out wonderfully after getting stuck in traffic for an extra 2 hours. We were actually stopped on the highway, not moving at all, for at least 30 minutes before turning around and going around the accident or whatever it was. We just barely made it to the Swamp for the start of Gator Growl!

I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Morgan and I sat down in the stadium, freezing our tushes off in the 50 degree weather (that is cold for Florida!). After some awkward student broadcasting which included extremely offensive “jokes”, Joel McHale from Community did a hilarious stand-up performance. He had some pretty offensive jokes too but they were concerning the Kardashians so it was ok.

Next up was my favorite band of all time.. The Goo Goo Dolls!! I have loved them since high school and their songs are so persistently great. It was a bittersweet performance because of all the memories the songs conjured but in the end was really fun. Especially when Morgan and I got out of our seats to dance and sing (cold crowds are boring crowds).

Saturday, I woke up early to run some stairs at our hotel (amazing and quick cardio workout!! My calves were super sore!). We then headed back to the Swamp for the Homecoming game at noon. Best part of the game? We got to sit in a box which was warm and had amazing food. All I did was eat, chug coffee, watch the marching band, and try not to fall asleep.

Check out the marching band!! They are crazy! I also had some great company which helped pass the time (obviously not a football fan). My mom gets really excited as you can see. Partially because of all the wine. Morgan’s boyfriend is the sweetest and nicest kid ever. Hi David!

After the game (UF won! Whew) my dad and I crashed hard while Mom and Morgan shopped. We then went back to the Compound to hang out and watch more football games and eat more food. Our neighbors have two boys at UF and have a big house (the Compound) in Gainesville where they stay occasionally and invite friends, including us! The Compound eventually turned into a big frat boy gathering which was incredibly bizarre to me. My college has no Greek life so seeing fraternity and sorority kids in action is really amusing and ridiculous. I am actually pretty opposed to Greek life because of its exclusivity and drinking culture and the fact that it turns people into bumbling drunk idiots. But I am extremely biased and know that there are many positives to Greek life or else it wouldn’t be so huge. But I digress.

I spent the evening eating more and more food and having bizarre conversations with some people at the house. Morgan, David, and I later escaped to David’s house where we made s’mores! It was so happy and delicious. No drinking required! I also talked to David’s Russian roommate who is really cool and down to earth. I love talking to foreigners because they have such a different perspective on life and love America for its opportunities and freedoms. I think Americans take that for granted all the time.

After some parking mishaps I finally crashed at Morgan’s place where we took full advantage of the extra hour for the end of daylight savings. We ate an amazing brunch at the Compound, featuring egg burritos, turkey bacon, pancakes, grits, and more. Omg yum. We soon learn that some serious nonsense occurred at the Compound that night including flooding bathrooms at 5 am and a drunk guy waking up in a random car in the “ghetto” wearing little girl socks. I really don’t know. Is this normal? The parents were loving the stories and the kids were loving the greasy breakfast food. My parents and I decide it is time to leave.

5. First hockey game of the season! Yesterday after work I blitzed on over to the mall for some speed shopping and accidentally parked on the opposite end of Sephora, my singular destination. I was pleased to get in some exercise for the day since I was headed to my first game of the season!! I am a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan and go to at least a game a week. Anyways, my mall trip was a success as I came away with waterproof eye-liner and burning calves, not to mention a sweaty face (ew). The game was fun (and weird) and I thoroughly enjoyed screaming my face off while yelling at the Flyers. I hit the hay hard and slept in like a champ, hitting the gym hard at noon for a quick weights session. Now that I’m studying to become a PT I push myself so much harder in the gym and I LOVE IT. After 2 months I am so much stronger and so excited to teach others. Bring it on PT!

So that is what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. Here is what I’ll be doing now through Sunday. Hold your horses. 

1. Tonight I am one lucky gal and am seeing THE KILLERS perform in a private black-box concert at the Mahaffey!! They will be standing maybe 15 feet away from my face. Maybe I’ll let them borrow my eyeliner. Only if they let me sing Mr. Brightside with them. I sang Mr. Brightside with my a cappella group in college and it was so fun. It was the point when my parents realized that Oh, Kirsten can sing! And Oh, she isn’t bad! What a moment.

2. Friday I get to see my fabulous friend Mariana and her boyfriend. She just returned home from walking the Camino in Spain (419 miles!!!) and was nice enough to grace me with her presence. She did an SCA internship like me and now works for the National Park Service. Basically she is awesome. So I need to plan something fun to do in Tampa. Uh.. bowling? Bars? The Aquarium?? I wish I was more cool.

3. Saturday I will train Morgan bootcamp style like she asked. Be careful what you wish for… She is currently rehearsing for the Nutcracker because she is awesome and talented and was asked to dance with a real company in Gainesville! I believe this will be the 50th Nutcracker I have seen in my lifetime. I love that my sisters were both hardcore ballerinas because now I can easily sing “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” in choir since it has been pounded into my head for my entire life. Love you Mogo.

4. Sunday is my CPR/AED class! I am required to take this before becoming a certified personal trainer so here I go. I can’t wait to make out with mannequins.

So there you have it. The exciting events in my life. Now if only Santa could get me the Canon Ti3 camera for Christmas then I could take real pictures!! I haven’t been “capturing” very much lately. Iphone, you spoil me. If you want some real pictures, check out my Photography and Travel page. Killers, here I come!

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