Personal Training Update

Before I get started, please check out a great workout at Lindsay’s List featuring resistance bands! You can see my Tricep Extension move on my Personal Training page with my other Tuesday Trainer submissions. If you do the workout (Carina and Lakshmi I’m looking at you) let me know!

And Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much. I owe you a back massage. And glass of wine. And a game of golf. I’ll drive the cart.


Whew. I am exhausted. But exhilarated. Excited. I haven’t felt this way in a while quite honestly!

What has brought on that change?

Well, a career change is now within my foreseeable future. I finally have the avenue available to pursue personal training outside of my full-time job. While I cannot go into detail about my current position, I can say that now I can begin to explore my options for training people once I become certified. I can start looking into taking a job at a gym or staying independent. If I am to be independent, then the question is where I can train my clients.

I have some friends who I already train occasionally for fun. I plan on conducting mock assessments and creating programs for them as practice. Since I am not certified yet I will not be charging them and will most likely do the workout along with them. I also will rely more on my own personal trainer for guidance and tips. I want to be as prepared as possible so I can help my clients to the best of my ability. Their success is my success. 

So what does this mean?

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! And I can begin to focus on the logistics of becoming a personal trainer. Before today, personal training was just a dream and I felt trapped in my life. Sounds a little extreme but it’s true. My family means everything to me and their support is absolutely crucial. While I fully support following your dreams and taking chances, I also believe that family comes first. I respect my family’s opinions and their guidance when it comes to decision making. With their go-ahead I feel empowered to take charge of my dream and make it a reality.

My Personality Style

According to my ACE PT Manual, I am a Collaborator with low dominance and high sociability. Thus, I am more affective (emotion) and less cognitive (thinking). As an emotionally open individual, I favor relationships over results and am amiable, easy-going, and supportive. However, I tend to avoid unnecessary risks and am slow to make decisions. The ACE Manual suggests I move carefully into planning and action stages and have a goal to work towards while minimizing risks.

In that vein, I am basically on track. My decision to become a personal trainer has been slow slow slowww and steady. After considering PT for the entire summer, I finally ordered the study materials in August. To minimize risk, I kept my full-time job and have been saving every penny (that which has not gone to groceries and pedicures) (hey a girl has to live).

My Goals:

1. Study for the ACE certification exam (obviously)

2. Set a test date for January

3. Conduct mock training sessions with friends at least once a week

4. Explore training location options in the area

5. Continue to work my butt off at my full-time gig

6. Have fun and smile

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

One thought on “Personal Training Update

  1. I think that’s a great set of goals!! And passing the test should be no problem. it’s finding the job after that that might prove to be harder. I’m sure you’ll do great – if you’re passionate about it, nothing can stop you!

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