I caved

What a day. What a great day for fitness, sun, and friends.

This morning I went to an 11am yoga class with Megan. The room was choked full of people adhering to their new years resolutions so I had to unroll my mat next to the instructor whom I watched through the mirror in front of me. With the entire class behind me, I could really focus and stay present within my body (probably because I was this close to touching my reflection).

After class, Megan and I walked downtown to check out some Vibram 5-finger shoes. While I was skeptical of the individual toe slots (so awkward), they felt and fit like a glove. Balking at the price, I decided to do some online research and make an informed decision before shelling out serious cash for some seriously wonky shoes. Megan and I stopped at Hooker Tea for some fuel. As my payment for her personal training session yesterday, Megan got me a tea latte while I convinced her to try boba tea. I think she liked it, even after several mouthfuls of too many tapioca balls. I so miss Chinese boba tea… So. Good.

I went home and did some research on the Vibram Komodosport LS to see if it was appropriate for lifting as well as walking and some short distance running. After thinking about it for 2 hours I had an intense desire to have them on my feet RIGHT NOW. So I did what any logical person would do and went back to the store and bought them.


Final verdict?

Obessed. Like literally in love with my shoes. Or I guess in love with my feet. I love walking around barefoot anyways so these feel like a protective glove sheltering my feet from gravel and other gross surfaces. The pain in my left foot from anterior tibialis tendonitis is already gone after walking in Vibrams for several hours.

I read from some Vibram owners about how you get tons of comments from strangers but get used to it. Of course immediately after donning my shoes to walk back to the Vinoy, a guy bicycling past me said, “Cool shoes” with a grin. I love it.

Back at the gym I met Peter’s mom and trained her for what ended up being 2 hours. I find it takes longer to demonstrate different moves and have the client practice the moves with good form. But I know that teaching how to properly execute each move will speed up the workout in the future and prevent injury. I also enjoyed explaining what each move actually does for the body. Linda also happens to be a great student.

By the time I finished training Linda, it was dark outside. Now it is time to relax.. no work tomorrow! I will give an update on my Vibrams as I begin to wear them more frequently. I am prepared for sore feet and calves. Bring it on!

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