Back-in-Business: 2 Full-Body Workouts

I cannot believe it is Tuesday already. I swear it feels like a Monday. So basically I win.

Yesterday I completed Naomi’s Slim Sexy Strong Leg Routine with some upper body thrown in afterwards. I have been neglecting my legs in the weight room recently while relying on spin class to keep them strong. Well those spin classes have certainly helped because I completed the workout just fine and am not very sore today. I believe that some of my soreness in my calves, glutes, and hamstrings are due to wearing my Vibrams while lifting and walking. OBSESSED. I really wanted to wear them to work but that just not appropriate :-(. Do they make shoe covers?

Since revamping my studying for the ACE CPT test, I have offered my services to a couple of my friends. I am not charging for these sessions since I view them as practice and a chance for some feedback. My friends know that I am not certified, are cleared by their doctors to exercise, and have watched me exercise using my own programs before. We belong to the same country club (wow I sound like a total snob… truth is my parents belong to the club and I still mooch off free gym access), I have worked out with them before, and know their needs in terms of exercise.

This past weekend I casually trained Megan and Linda with great success and feedback. Here two full-body workouts I made for Megan. As a former gymnast with impeccable form, Megan is capable of more advanced moves. So I chose moves that have her step away from the machines to really challenge her balance and core.


Back-in-Business: 2 Full-Body Workouts

Complete each workout once a week on non-consectutive days for total body strengthening. Or complete 3 workouts a week, alternating between Workout 1 and 2.

Each color block represents a superset. Complete 1 set of each exercise without rest and repeat for a total of 2 or 3 sets depending on your fitness level.

Do in addition to a regular cardio routine to get your heart pumping (check out Tuesday Trainer below for some great ideas!). I have written an approximate weight range but choose a weight that challenges you in your final repetitions.

Make sure you check with a doctor before making any fitness changes. Enjoy!

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If you have any questions on the moves please leave me a message in the comments. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Since today is Tuesday… it is Tuesday Trainer!

Head over to Lindsay’s List for some great heart-pumping moves that can be added to any workout when you need that extra kick. I filmed myself doing jump-lunges in my sweet new shoes. It literally felt like I was jumping on air… until my legs screamed at me.

Happy Tuesday and happy lifting!

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