Day 18

Trouble in paradise.

At work, a cop pulled over two cars into our parking lot. One of the ladies parked next to my window. After speaking to the cop briefly, she started sobbing. Like wiping her face with a handkerchief, heaving shoulders kind of sobbing. I wanted to go outside and give her a hug. Or give her a some chocolate. But you should never take candy from strangers. Or speed past a school bus unloading children.

I’m just saying.

Did you notice? It’s been raining. All day. I didn’t have a chance to leave the office building. All day. Excited to go home and run in my Vibrams. Which I may or may not have been wearing at work. All day. Please don’t judge me.

At least my feet feel awesome!

2 thoughts on “Day 18

    1. If I was her I would be sobbing too! Once I started crying hysterically when a bouncer wouldn’t let my friend into a bar because he forgot his passport. The owner of the bar let us both in and gave us free drinks! I think we should cry more often 😉

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