Happy (belated) Birthday Carina!

Another beautiful day. This is winter? How ridiculous. It was maybe 65 degrees and sunny and I was seriously chilled. What happened to the hardcore Mainer I once was? She has since shed her parkas and Uggs for cotton, spandex, and Vibrams. Living the dream.

After a month of awesome holiday festivities, I believe I am going through withdrawal. Not from lack of parties, presents, and dessert but from lack of company. Lack of people. It is my tendency to hide-out after periods over-stimulation in the people department. I like to be alone. I like to do my own thing. Have my own schedule. Plan.

This has its drawbacks. Although I like to be alone and hate the thought of going out and seeing people, I love being with people when I actually get out there and do something. I want to bring friends back into my life. Unfortunately I do not have many close friends here in town but I have reconnected with many long lost friends and we are getting there. However my best friends, the people I share everything with, who do not judge me nor I them, are scattered across the world. I miss them. I think of them a lot. And now I want to bring them back into the picture. This starts with a text, a phone call, a message of appreciation. It starts with something small but means something big.

The pros of not being on Facebook? I no longer waste my time browsing the lives of people I do not care about nor really want to know about. If you want to tell me something, call me. Email me. Mail me a letter. The cons of not being on Facebook? Missing one of your best friends birthday. So without further ado… Happy Birthday Carina!!!!! My saucy latina… you are awesome and I love you! I know it’s tough being in Florida but I am so happy you live nearby. You deserve a fantastic birthday week!

For some fun and awkwardness here are some oldies but goodies of Car and I (and Caitlin!) up in fair Maine. Florida gals taking on the cold north by storm.

Hahahha Cheers!

Isn’t she pretty? Yeah… we had a lot of fun in college. These are all from sophomore year I believe. Those Maine winters really make you go a little crazy. We survived to tell the tale.

Anyways. Sillyness aside… HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARINA!!!!

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