Day 23 and boy meets girl

Another day and a dark foreboding night.

Yes it is true. Chorus is back in session. Instead of my Monday nights spend sweating at the gym, ultimately changing my bad mood to good, I will be singing my little heart out at my middle school of days past.

Every time I walk down these halls, I get these snippets of memories, usually awkward ones full of trepidation and raging hormones.

In middle school I was super cute and blonde… and popular? I wouldn’t go that far. At all. I was your typical quiet girl who was only smart because school was the only thing I knew how to do. I didn’t know how to talk to boys, I didn’t know how to dress, nor did I know what a bra was.

Imagine… a short girl, muscular from years of gymnastics, hair in a perpetual ponytail, with size 000 pants, feet encased in sketchers and bobby socks, carrying a massive backpack twice her size… on one shoulder (because that was cool). She’d sit and fume over packs of unruly boys disrupting class. She wanted to learn and take perfect notes gosh darnit (no cursing either).

Well this girl had a major crush on a boy. He was cute, friendly, and would actually talk to her (shocking really). But nothing happened, mostly because she was too terrified to speak.

What a stud

Fortunately it worked out….. 10 years later. Boy turned into man who thankfully was less obnoxious than his kid self. Girl turned into woman (is 23 years old woman status yet?) who had found her voice (and her bra).

Moral of the story? Middle school sucks. Adulthood is so much better. 

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