Day 40 and Spinning Alone

Another picture in the St. Pete vintage signs series. This is the Banyan Tree Motel. I’ve driven past it thousands of times and only recently noticed it. Only because of this 365 project. It’s a dinky old place that needs a good power wash. But the sign is wonderful. I believe they have vacancies. If you’re interested.


Lately my gym has really been bothering me. From 5-7pm it is absolutely swamped. The cardio machines are all occupied while guys take up the entire weight room (especially in front of the mirrors). This fine and dandy but lately I haven’t been able to move around freely and get in a good workout. Yesterday, I led my dad through the Beginner Ski Workout but had to get creative when most machines and weights were being used. What bothers me is that people will hog a bench or machine for way too long when other people are obviously waiting to use it. I was frustrated. I go to the gym to feel better afterwards, not worse.

Today I went to my usual Thursday 6pm spin class and was the only one who showed! This has never happened to me before. I guess now is the time when New Years fitness resolutions fizzle out. This makes me sad because we had a packed class brimming with people excited to exercise after New Year’s Eve. I hope they find the strength within themselves to get moving and lead a better lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle!

I ended up having a great conversation with the instructor and a great workout to boot. Usually we spin for an hour but he wanted to cut it short. Still energized, I asked for one last difficult song. And OMG it was hard. The resistance was so high that I had to concentrate on keeping my legs moving! I think sweat was rolling off me in waves. I loved it! Now my legs are shaky and there’s a big smile on my face. This is how I like to feel after a workout!

Alright I’m off to create a resume for a personal training job. 10 years of gymnastics counts as experience right??? Hopefully my passion for exercise and helping others comes through. Because I love this!

4 thoughts on “Day 40 and Spinning Alone

  1. Hey there! This is really random .. but I found your blog from pbfinger’s recent post about things to do in St Pete. I recently graduated and moved down to St Pete and so finding your blog was great! So fun to see a lot of familiar places on your blog. Are you offering personal training at all? I’m running the rnr half this weekend (my first half!) but after it’s over I really want to focus on a new fitness avenue.

  2. I work at the front desk of a gym and it is definitely CRAZY between 6 and 8 on weekdays. There is a Zumba class at 7pm on Tuesdays and most of the people coming through the door after 7 complain that there aren’t any parking spots and some have said that they had to park in the parking lot of the car dealership next door! I am lucky enough to have time in the morning or early afternoon between jobs to train so I don’t have to deal with crowds….I have been in that situation and like you, leave the gym more stressed than when I came. As happy as I am for the resolutioners, I want them to leave the gym! I know, I’m terrible.

    1. I know!! As much as I love new years resolutions… people should resolve to workout in the morning! By the way, love your blog title! Creating muscles is awesome 🙂

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