Day 42 and Lazy Saturdays

For the last few weeks, Florida has been fooled into thinking it is spring.

Well Mr. Groundhog proved Florida wrong by retreating into his underground tunnel and wishing a cold spell upon us all. And what do ya know, it is cold again! Which is wonderful because it makes it perfectly alright to stay inside, bundled in my sweats, drinking hot coffee this entire weekend.

I woke up very late (noon?) after staying up not drinking and hanging out with friends. We watched Apocalypse Now which was a crazy movie. Good but crazy. My friends and I were talking about how they don’t make movies like that anymore. Movies that are innovative and daring with serious substance. I loved the cinematography and the pervasive sound that slowly drove you crazy. It is as if you are in Vietnam surrounded by the constant sound of helicopters, slowly numbed to the point where surfing is perfectly normal during a massive manslaughter. The film makes a point about the absurdity of war and the darkness within mankind. It is also based loosely on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and has several references to T.S. Elliot’s poetry.


Final verdict? I highly recommend Apocalypse Now. It is a movie you will want to see again and again just to figure out what you might have missed. Only if you have 2 and a half hours to spare.


After the movie I stayed up late chatting on Skype and decided to skip 10am spin class. This was a fantastic idea since I ended up sleeping till noon. Yikes! I considered going for a bike ride down to the Saturday Morning Market. Then I stepped outside to a blustery, overcast, and cold day. Biking into the wind and numb fingers suck so I found a yoga podcast on YouTube instead.

I did an hour long Yoga Flow video which proceeded to kick my butt. 20 minutes in I was sweating like crazy! The girl was doing crazy quick chaturangas into downward dog and back and forth and back… It was a good vigorous yoga session that I will definitely do again!

I just took Holly for a walk in the cold which is always so invigorating. Sometimes she gets so excited that she’ll start sprinting down the street. It’s fun! And at least I ventured outside once today! Hahaha. Definitely one of those weekends.

Alright, time to finish a few things before settling in for the night. And good luck to everyone running the St. Pete Rock’N’Roll Half Marathon tomorrow!! Have fun. I might get out there to cheer you on!!!

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