Day 48: Ryan Gosling

I had the pleasure of babysitting this sweet girl while her mom shopped at the dress show downstairs. She is probably the sweetest little girl I have ever met and is super easy to entertain.

Unfortunately she was a little sick with a geyser for a nose, sticky cough, and need to touch everything in my room. Oh please do not let me get sick before traveling. That is the absolute worst.

Today I went to Target to “pick up a few things” for the trip and ended up with a new wardrobe and travel size everything. I just love the mini bottles of shampoo and hand sanitizer. They are so cute! I also bought 2 t-shirts, a jacket, sweatshirt, 4 pairs of gloves, and sunglasses. I found a great jacket for China! It’s warm, layers well, and is actually cute! All of my winter clothes from Maine are pretty ugly so this was quite the find. Two pairs of gloves were on sale for 60 cents so I just had to get 4 pair. Duh. The sunglasses I got look just like the RayBans I broke *wahh* and were only $12. Score! I can afford to break these in 5 seconds.

But all in all everything is set for China. I have my visa, food, more food, little travel-sized bottles of everything, sports gear for the Brazilian including a football helmut (don’t ask), and ….. no idea what to wear. This will be very interesting.


Before babysitting, I quickly completed an upper-body workout at the gym after warming up on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I lifted much lighter weights since my arms are still sore and tired from Tuesday. I am focusing a lot on my back and shoulders to add endurance and definition. I always fighting against bad posture by working the parascapular muscles, rhomboids, and posterior deltoid. I want to define my deltoids to create that separation from the rest of the arm mostly for vanity reasons. Hey, I’m only human.

There is some ballroom dancing competition going on at the Vinoy which means ladies and gentlemen dressed in ridiculous sparkly outfits sauntering by the gym. It is quite the spectacle and definitely kept me entertained during my workout. This was almost as fun as the time they held an MMA competition and all the men walked around with tight muscle shirts, bulging biceps, and lots of leather. It got real when one guy started practicing footwork and punches in the weight room. Our gym is really small….

And with that I am extracting myself from the peanut butter pretzel and dark chocolate pomegranate snack frenzy to watch Dream House with my mom. Crazy Stupid Love was fantastic last night! If you love Ryan Gosling you will love that movie.

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Happy weekend! Yahoo!

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