Day 50: 5 things with friends

What a day! Another long day and I am exhausted. Here is another short list of things I did today with friends!

1. Lunch with a new friend

Caroline found my blog and we decided to meet after realizing we both live in St. Pete. Well it turns out we have even more in common and are basically neighbors! We ended up talking for almost 2 and a half hours at Central Cafe and Organics (pictured below). Hopefully we can get together again after we return from our respective trips. Yay friends!

2. Meet up with Peter’s mom and grandma

The plan was to exchange a training session for a massage with my friend but she had to cancel. Instead I visited with Peter’s mom and grandma for a couple of hours. It was nice to finally catch up but I was dreadfully hungry. Despite the 2.5 hour lunch, I ate little during all that conversation. I was famished and managed to scarf down a slice of bread with some almond butter before my workout.

3. Lower-body workout 

I completed Naomi’s Glute/Ham Workout once again using slightly lighter weights. Because of the lighter sets I blew through the workout, finishing in about 35 minutes! Unfortunately I dropped a 10 lb. dumbbell on my bad foot and have a real shiner. Safety first in the gym! Otherwise the workout was awesome… until I started to feel nauseous and lightheaded. The lack of fuel definitely caught up to me very quickly. I felt so bad that I had to sit down and munch on a complimentary apple to try and raise my blood sugar. I also bought a muscle milk shake to drink before dinner which seemed to help.

4. Dinner at a fabulous new vegetarian restaurant

After a quick shower I met up with Peter’s mom and her friend at a new restaurant in St. Pete called Meze 119. It’s a bright hole-in-wall vegetarian restaurant serving Middle Eastern cuisine with a twist. To start, we ordered a delicious hummus platter and some spinach cakes, both of which were fantastic. For my meal, I ordered a faux-salmon dish with seaweed, rice, and an incredible asian glaze. Omg yum. I left full, however the meal really upset my stomach. Again, not stellar on the whole eating thing today. It is amazing how missing regular meals and snacks really affect how you can feel and perform.

5. Fun fitness things

Linda’s friend is a wonderful business woman who is also very interested in holistic medicine and healthy living. She is one of the happiest and most positive people I have ever met despite having fibromyalgia. She deals with her pain with bikram yoga, clean eating, juicing, and other therapies like reflexology. Of course the three of us ended up talking about health and wellness and decided that we need to open a bikram yoga studio in St. Pete. I’ll let you know how the business plan goes.

Finally she brought to my attention a fitness convention in Orlando this May called the SCW Fitness MANIA convention. Basically it is a 3 day event for fitness professionals and instructors to try out the latest fitness classes and equipment. It looks like a great educational opportunity and hopefully I can attend some of the classes. We shall see.

Overall great day! Glad to finally rest. Back to normal eating tomorrow. And packing! Ugh, the worst. Goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Day 50: 5 things with friends

  1. Yay! So funny – when I left Central Cafe I was thinking to myself geeze I did so much talking I barely ate! We will definitely have to get together when we are both back from visiting our long distance loves 🙂

    Oh and glad to hear Meze is good! I’ve heard about it, but never gotten around to actually try it yet. Love that you went with Peter’s mom!!

    1. We should totally go to Meze one time! It was so good although I think many things were fried…. but all vegetarian and vegan. This time we should actually eat to get over our depression once we return. Our lives are so hard! (white girl problems…)

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