AHHH… Kelly Clarkson!

So last night I posted a picture and asked you to Guess Who? Did you figure it out yet?

If you guessed Kelly Clarkson… you were right!

Last night my mom, Ginny, and Madeline picked me up at the Starbucks halfway home from work to head straight to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater for the Kelly Clarkson concert. Madeline and I snagged 2nd row seats thanks to Ginny’s friend. WHOAH. We sat there several months ago to see Spring Awakening which was incredible.

Matt Nathanson opened and at first I had no idea who he was. However he kept staring at this girl in the front row, giving her the eye, and her boyfriend was getting more and more pissed. It was hilarious. Finally, he started started playing “Faster” which we immediately recognized. Love that song! Then he played “Come On Get Higher” which we also love. He is such a funky looking guy. Was not expecting him to be the face behind the voice. But he was great! Fantastic voice and stage presence.

Then Kelly Clarkson came on!

Oh. My. Goodness. She dominated. Her voice is AMAZING. She sounds even better than her records. She hits these high notes that are just perfect. I was so impressed.

Here is a picture taken by my mom. I am on the far left and Madeline is the blondie next to me. 2nd row! Kelly was literally directly in front of us. We made eye contact several times which was a little awkward because you realize that she is a real person.

But Kelly is so cool. She is one of those down-to-earth performers that ends up just having a conversation with the audience. You want her to be your best friend. She also tries to make the performance special and individual for each audience.

My favorite song during the concert was her cover of “Heavy In Your Arms” by Florence and the Machine. The only accompaniment was a tenor drum and electric bass guitar. The sound was violent and intense… and so awesome.

Kelly also covered Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar. She put a blues twist on most of her songs which really suited her powerful voice. In addition to her soulful ballads, she busted out top-20 singles that of course were fan favorites.

Here’s a video I took during Breakaway. Watch for Kelly to pose for a picture with the couple in the front row while still singing hahaha. And excuse my singing along at the end of the clip.

So that was my great night. My hearing is definitely compromised after all the loud music. I guess my wish was granted.

However, the fun cannot last because I am so busy. Tomorrow my investment club has our first meeting and then I leave bright and early Friday at 7am. In the morning. Then I travel for 20 hours. Love that 12 hour flight to Shanghai. It is SO FUN. Have I packed? Do you have to ask…

OH I almost forgot. As for my title… remember the 40 Year Old Virgin waxing scene? Wait for the 2:00 mark in this clip.

Hahah Kelly talked about this at the concert. She said… why is my name associated with pain? How ridiculous. OH this cracks me up.

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