Day 68: Missing walking

Grapefruit from the day. I ended up not even eating it. Maybe tomorrow. It is pre-sliced!

Today was a little rough due to lingering jetlag. I was wide awake at 5:30am and managed to lie in bed with my eyes closed till 7. Frustrated, I finally popped open a magazine and read really intellectual things till 8. The day was long and exhausting even though I barely moved during work. Due to exhaustion and boredom I ended up way over-eating in the afternoon which sucked. But tomorrow is another day. Instead of beating myself up over it, I can only let it go and do better tomorrow.


I managed to make it to my favorite Thursday night spin class in attempt to get in some activity for the day. However, the jetlag got the best of me and I was super slow and yawned my way through the class. Tomorrow I hope to be back to a normal fitness routine and not feel like I’m about to fall on my face while standing. Oy.

In China I became so accustomed to walking everywhere that it became second nature. While I didn’t work out at the gym as much as usual, we probably clocked in at least 3 miles a day of just walking from place to place. This is why I crave city living. The ability to walk everywhere! But for now I will have to be content with building back some lost muscle in the gym. Time to pump some iron!

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