Day 70: And Unexpected Day

Today’s photo of the day was taken on my Iphone while Holly begged me to show her some love. How can I resist that face?

Today has been so unexpected in so many ways.

On my way to visit Peter’s grandmother, I decided to park far away and walk. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I wanted to walk like I did in China and enjoy the water. As soon as I got out of the car, a man approached me and asked if I go to the University of Florida (he saw the sticker on my car). I said no, but my sister does. We then continued to have a great conversation and he even walked with me to my destination. Sounds creepy but he was very personable and I wasn’t walking home, I was walking to visit somebody.

Turns out he is French, received his PHD from UF, and is currently an ecology teacher and researcher at USF St. Pete. We had a very enlightening conversation about the intersection of business and science and how most people could benefit from being more business-minded. This random interaction restored my faith in people and faith in America. Sounds corny but I am often irritated at American apathy, egotism, and entitlement. The fact that I had a wonderful and intellectually stimulating conversation with a stranger on the street was a step in the right direction. Maybe it’s because he is not even American, but French. Oh well.

After this encounter things got a little rough. I won’t go into detail but two people close to me are very sick. Although I was raised Catholic, I am not very religious. My family attends church on holidays and we say the occasional grace at the dinner table. Well today I prayed. And I prayed with intent. While I am sometimes unsure of my beliefs, I figure it can’t hurt to pray. And I will continue to pray until the world makes a little more sense.

Taylor and I just had some tasty Mexican with a side of great conversation and are going to watch a movie on demand with some pints of ice cream. It is definitely one of those days.


I slept late and missed spin so instead I conquered Julie’s Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout in my living room. It was just enough to get my heart pumping without being too difficult. Tomorrow will be a lower-body lifting day. Cannot wait!

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