Day 74: The Morning After

Yesterday sucked and ended in tears. It was a culmination of many things but ultimately boiled down to feeling out of control. Before falling asleep, I vowed to make tomorrow a great day. Because you can only go up from the very bottom.

And what do you know, today was exponentially better. My attitude was great and I faced the day knowing I would be in control. It is all mental.

My mantra for this last year has been: “Be confident in your decisions”

That has definitely been a challenge. But slowly I have found my voice. I think less about what people expect from me and think more about what I want and how I feel. This year I have slowly regained control of my life and feel blessed for the time to transition. My way was definitely not the most conventional way but it was the best for me at the time. And now? It’s time to make the leap. More on that later…


Parking at the gym, I headed outside for a 30 minute walk around downtown St. Pete. It was such a glorious (almost) spring day that I just had to get out with the rest of the spring breakers. By the way, Justin Beiber was in St. Pete this weekend visiting Selena Gomez who is filming Spring Breakers in Sarasota. Apparently he ate at Gratzi’s on Friday while I was just down the street (insert girly scream here)! Who says St. Pete isn’t famous???

Back to my workout…

I walked quickly and of course took pictures along the way:

At the gym I completed a lower-body workout focused on lateral moves with light weights and high reps. To finish it off, I hopped on the stair master for an intense and sweaty 5 minutes. Then I stretched my entire body for about 20 minutes which felt incredible. I’ve been slacking on the stretching lately which is very unlike me. It makes a huge difference!

Now I am taking my final practice test for the big exam Friday! No pressure?

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