Day 82: Photography Snob

On an early morning walk I was able to capture an airplane coming into Alfred-Whitted Airport. It reminded me a lot of another photo I took in college that inspired an entire project.

I guess your photographic eye remains fairly constant. Hopefully it grows, matures, and expands as you continue, but the core of your photographic principles stay the same.

This past week, my Nikon SLR has been kept safely in its case. Instead I have taken pictures solely on my Iphone. I do not think this hinders my 365 project in any way, it just makes it different and more accessible (to me). I find I take simpler photos with my Iphone. Sometimes carrying around a big DSLR brings these feelings of self-importance and even snobbery. Honestly, I get self-conscious whipping out my Nikon on the street. People will no doubt look at whatever it is you find so interesting. But I don’t find it sooo interesting, I find it so photographic. Let me be an artsy fartsy freak and capture my world. Biatches.

With my Iphone, I feel less hesitant to capture a moment. These moments happen to be my forte. At least I believe so. Maybe I think that because I am actually a self-important artsy snob. At least I like my photographs. And yes I hope other people like my photographs…

Shoot. I am a snob. A photography snob.

Please like me! Please like my pictures!


For the last two days I have had the opportunity to stroll down the St. Petersburg waterfront. It is humid and hot but still so lovely. There is something so calm and easy about the water that just calls my Iphone to come out and play. No these images are not original nor change the world in any way. However, they capture my experience of taking in the beautiful Florida landscape. While sweating profusely. Too bad I wiped the droplets off my lens.

I love photography because it helps me remember what I love about a certain place and time. It provides beautiful memories. That’s not snobbish.

Here is another picture. Now I will always remember how I “bumped” my ponytail (wow that sounds so wrong) for the first time. Probably one of my few attempts to be fashion forward while being as lazy as possible.

This “bump” lasted approximately 30 minutes till it lay in ruins from the brutal Florida humidity. But for those 30 minutes… fashion perfection. The proof is in the photograph.


The last two days have been glorious rest days where the only activity I did was walking along the water. Monday was my scheduled rest day but I did the Jumping Jacks Circuit workout while waiting to pick up Peter from the airport and planned to rest on Tuesday. Well that circuit really messed up my body and I woke up Tuesday with extreme pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and sternum. It was horrible and very painful. This is what happens when you do not rest!

So Tuesday and Wednesday I rested and foam rolled my legs which have been feeling extra tight these days. Now I am headed to my favorite spin class to kick off my return to exercising! Huzzah! After that I will grab dinner with Peter and probably watch movies till I pass out at 9pm.

Maybe I’ll take a picture. It’ll last longer.

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