Day 93: Like a sitting duck

Oh my, what even happened today. I always seem to lose my brain on Mondays. I am still in weekend mode so focusing on work is very difficult. Usually because I do not remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago. This is a winning trait let me tell you.

My goal for next Monday is to not be like a sitting duck. Or at least try to retain my memory for more than half an hour.

At least this duck is sitting in a very serene and calm ocean. This is another trait I will try to emulate next Monday. “Pretend you are floating in a warm body of water. You are calm. You do not see the incoming storm. You are most definitely a sitting duck.”

Well at least ignorance is bliss.


What am I rambling about? The dog is barking at me. I think she is the devil incarnate so I will be quick.

I walked to the gym. I walked up 20 flights of stairs. I did a 30 minute treadmill incline interval workout. I stretched while watching “Secret Life of the American Teenager”. Then I felt awkward when a girl walked into the gym and witnessed my bad taste in television.

I left the gym. Walked back.

The end.

4 thoughts on “Day 93: Like a sitting duck

    1. It was crazy! I had to leave because it smelled funky and all the treadmills were off-limits. WTF Vinoy?? Hopefully they will be done soon.

    1. I don’t know, I think Real Housewives and Keeping Up with the Kardashians are super classy shows! Hahaha. When I see other people watching the news or something I just feel bad for them. They must be so bored!

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