Day 100: Crazy Dreams on Purple Drank

Wow. I have been posting a photo every day for 100 days! That is certainly monumental!

But again my creativity is severely lacking so I will not dwell on words. I think my creative energy has instead been flowing to some crazy dreams I’ve been having the last few nights. And for that I must thankĀ purple drank for suppressing my cough and zonking me out for weird adventures while I sleep. My dreams have varied from women-attacking glass shards to tornados and finally to me and my sisters pregnant and in labor while people fight large beastly rabbits outside.

At least my body is well rested.

My brain is not.

Tonight I think will be my last night on the “purple drank”. I affectionately call my prescription cough syrup “purple drank” even though I use the purple liquid properly. Because I am actually sick. I don’t normally sip cough syrup/soda cocktails for that ultimate relaxation.

Just check out Urban Dictionary for more information on this lovely cocktail. The crazy dreams are starting to freak me out and I am ready to return to sleeping normally. I finished antibiotics today and I am feeling so much better. There is still some coughing going on but I’m not hacking my lungs out anymore. Progress.

On the fitness front…

Today was a rest day. A glorious rest day while I sang my little heart out at Chorus, wincing every time we stood up. Why? Because my legs and booty are so sore. So are my shoulders. Tomorrow I might take it easy with light cardio and some yoga. Gotta stretch out and fully recover so I can hit the weights hard on Wednesday.

So I have changed up my normal fitness routine because of an injured left foot. Basically my foot hurts all the time and I am afraid it tendonitis or a stress fracture. I have stopped ignoring the pain and have realized that this could potentially become a serious injury. So I am finally doing something about it. This is just a reminder to please listen to your body and do not ignore reoccurring pain. It will only get worse if you do not address the problem and just fight through the pain. Your body knows best. Make adjustments. Change. Adapt. Grow.

I will post more about what I am doing to rehabilitate my foot in a later post.

And that’s all she wrote.

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