Day 108: Green things for Earth Day 2012

Green has always been my favorite color.

As much as I love green, I do not own nearly enough green clothing. Blasphemy! So I splurged and bought this little number a couple of weeks ago:

It is long, flowy, and feels oh so silky. I am in love. And want to wear it every day. I had to force myself not to wear it two Mondays in a row. It was difficult.

In honor of my rediscovered love of green, here are a few reasons….

Why Green Is the Best Color Ever

1. It is the color of nature

2. It is the color of fresh produce

3. It is the color of my eyes

4. it is the color of a legendary frog

5. It is the color of delicious and nutritious smoothies

6. It is the color of life!

Hooray photosynthesis!

So as you can see there are many reasons why green is great. It represents so many wonderful things. But most of all it represents health, vitality, nutrients, earth, and life.

So put your green pants on and get ready to celebrate Earth Day 2012! It is this Saturday, April 22nd. If anything I will be getting outside, celebrating the nature that surrounds me. And of course, I will be wearing green.

Are you doing anything for Earth Day? 

What is your favorite color? 

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