Day 118: What’s on my bookshelf

Whew. I finally finished Fahrenheit 451 and can finally move on to The Hunger Games! I am also delving into the Integrative Nutrition book. Yes, I signed up to be a health coach in a year! Crazy. I am excited to learn!

Equally exciting was my workout this evening.


I did my Go Hard, Lift Heavy, or Go Home workout again with the same weight. I think I will continue with this same workout on my heavy lower-body days and try to up the weight as the weeks progress. Yay!! Again, those ball roll ups at the very end are killer. Whew!

After the gym I picked up groceries at Publix for an evening cooking extravaganza. Tomorrow I am spending the night at Bridget’s lake house and decided to bring some good and healthy prepared food for dinner! I made my favorite Peanut Butter Chocolate balls, a new-to-me quinoa-avocado-chickpea salad, and some rice and beans to make vegetarian enchiladas tomorrow.

Preparing food is so relaxing. I love it. Unfortunately I didn’t have a real dinner and just snacked like a mad person. Now my stomach is killing me… I think the massive amounts of sweet potato fries and potato salad I consumed will fuel me in spin tomorrow.

Immediately after spin class I have a recording session for Chorus and then it’s lake time! It is supposed to rain tomorrow but hopefully it holds off for a bit! I am craving a good jump in Bridget’s moon bounce. Yes, she owns one! How freaking cool.

Sleep time. Goodnight!

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