Guest Post: My Foodie Pen Pal

Today I am happy to bring you the first ever guest post on Kirsten Captures! (So selfish of me I know). Yesterday I posted all the delicious Trader Joe’s treats my Foodie Pen Pal Jenn sent me. Well here is a post from the lovely Crystal all about the box of goodies I sent her this month. Take it away Crystal!


Hi friends!

My name is Crystal and I am Kirsten’s April Foodie Pen-Pal. Since I don’t have a blog of my own, Kirsten asked me to write a guest post for her blog about the awesome box she sent me. So here I am!

A little about me: I am a young, fairly newlywed nanny who is a certified teacher, just waiting for my own classroom. I am currently on a weight loss journey. I started in January of 2012 and have lost 40 pounds so far (Kirsten adds: So awesome! Keep it up girl!). I have a long way to go, but am dedicated to losing weight, becoming healthier, and reaching my goal.

Since Kirsten is a certified trainer, she knows just how to put together a healthy box of food with a couple of treats- we all need treats to reward ourselves for healthy choices!

(I don’t have pics for everything because I couldn’t wait to try a lot of it!)

In my box, I found:

A Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bar

A Pro Bar fruition Strawberry Bar

A Pro Bar fruition Blueberry Bar

A Clif bar (I can’t remember the flavor but I know it was good!)

Doctor Kracker Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Crispbreads

Roasted Seasoned Seaweed Snacks, which are from Korea!

A citrus fruit, I think it’s a grapefruit but I’m not sure (Kirsten adds: It’s a Florida orange!)

Zico Coconut Water

A yummy dark chocolate bar from Fresh Market

Homemade Healthier Reese’s Balls

And Homemade Molasses Cinnamon Almond Butter

This box was packed full of yummy, healthy treats!!  I love bars as snacks- I eat a Luna bar every morning for breakfast.  I love that Kirsten sent bars that were vegan and made with real ingredients; eating real foods is such an important part of my journey to be healthier.  My hubs loved the crispbreads almost more than I did! He’s been eating them as snacks often. The seaweed snacks are perfect for him, but I am not a fan. That’s what Foodie Pen-Pals is all about: trying new foods to see what you like and don’t like!

Kirsten is an awesome partner to have for this fun monthly treat. I definitely recommend joining the pen-pals and getting your own monthly box of new foods!


Thanks for sharing Crystal! I’m glad you enjoyed all the goods. And I agree, Foodie Pen Pals is a great way to try new foods that you might not try on your own. For more information on Foodie Pen Pals visit Lindsay’s blog and give it a go! 

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