Day 123: Team Peeta

Today was an awesome day. It wasn’t great for any particular reason but I was just filled with happiness and joy for life. Maybe because the weekend is approaching?

There are so many items on my to-do list this weekend. Most revolve around seeing movies, taking IIN fundamentals classes, and cooking healthy recipes. But mostly I want to be visually stimulated by The Hunger Games (again), The Lucky One (Zac makes great eye candy), and The Avengers (superheroes!). I also need to catch up on all my shows from the week including Girls on HBO. Hilarious show. After all the excitement last weekend I am ready to just chill.

But WOW I am Hunger Games obsessed. All three books were finished by Monday. That’s 4 days people. They were THAT good.

I am also obsessed with Peeta and by default Josh Hutcherson. Who am I? A 12 year old girl?? I don’t know but I am going through all the fan videos and interviews on youtube. I am not ashamed. I am however much more thrilled that I worked out next to Vanessa Hudgens. She dated both Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson! Mad respect girl. You scored some good ones. But dating an actor must be difficult. A girl can dream though (sorry Peter ;-). This is weird because Josh Hutcherson is only 19 years old. So freaking young! But look at all the muscle he gained to play Peeta!

Hey there…

Where was I going with this? Oh. I also wanted to mention that I am definitely Team Jacob. I even have a Team Jacob shirt. Not even kidding. I think both Peeta and Jacob are the underdogs (Jacob is actually a dog…) and have such pure hearts. That’s a win in my book.

OOOK moving on.

Daily Workout

The day was beautiful. I walked the dog after spin class. Todays class was taught by my favorite Saturday spin instructor. She is so fun and knowledgeable. She thinks I should become a spin instructor. I think I agree.

Ok I’m off to watch more Hunger Games videos on youtube. Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely hilarious? Watch some of her interviews. You will be laughing hysterically.

Team Peeta!

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