Day 146: Living the High Life

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been slacking. Instead of focusing my energies on full fledged blog posts, I’ve resorted to quick and dirty photos of the day accompanied by terribly witty poetry.

Apparently people love it. More people have “liked” and commented on these posts than anything else excluding my photography travel recaps.

It is interesting to consider your audience. It is probably in my best interest to take note of what people like and tailor my blog to that format.

But I am not going to do that. I blog for myself. To share my stories, travels, photography, fitness routine, and random musings. If I lose readers in the process, then so be it. I will continue to blog in a jumbled mass of conflicting subjects. Thanks for visiting!


I had a date with Caroline!

This lovely lady picked me up in a sports car, drove me to Hyde Park, bought me lunch, and helped me pick out spandex. What more could a girl ask for?? Seriously. Perfect.

The main event was some retail therapy at Lululemon. We were like kids in a candy store grabbing more brightly covered spandex than we could handle. That place is like heaven. Their clothes are like crack. I am addicted. Caroline scored an awesomely hot pink tank and sports bra while I managed to walk away with yoga pants, running shorts, and underwear (TMI? Is there a nicer way to say underwear? Underpants?).

With lighter wallets and happy spandex-clad hearts, we fueled up with iced coffees before exploring other caffeinated options.

Like chocolate. Duh.

Feed me chocolate every day and I’d be a happy girl. I know Caroline and I were extra happy after some chocolate. Fact.

After our sweet date at Hyde Park, we headed home and I hit the gym for an hour long saunter on the stationary bike while watching Good Will Hunting. Biking while watching TV > sitting on your butt watching TV.

Surprisingly, Caroline and I decided we liked each other so much that we just had to see each other again that night. Scandalous. 

We met up with a couple of Peter’s friends, ran into more friends, and had a great time downtown. This happened:

Which was funny because why would you ever want to drink that much Miller Light? Ever? And why is it called “High Life”? So classy. Drinking with a straw made it a little better but safe to say it was definitely NOT fully consumed. Just in case you were wondering.

Long story short, it was an awesome day full of fun, friends, spandex, and bad beer. What a great way to kick off Memorial Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Day 146: Living the High Life

  1. Did you know I’ve never been in a lulu lemon? I know, shocking. I’m almost scared too. I don’t have that kind of money right now!

    Looks like you’ve had a fun weekend.

    1. Yeah, you have to go in prepared to seriously spend. FYI Costco has cheap Lulu-esque tanks in awesomely bright colors. They are just as good.

      And thanks for commenting! I love how you’re kicking ass at Crossfit. We former gymnasts are hard-core!

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